Potholes top British niggles list

Minor inconveniences like potholes and unfriendly customer service drive the British to frustration more often than major problems such as crime and unemployment, a survey has said.

Phone company O2 found that potholes topped the list of complaints, with 49% of the 2,000 people saying it frustrated them the most.

Around 42% complained about anti-social behaviour and 41% were hassled by slow internet connection.

Meanwhile, 36% were annoyed with unfriendly customer service, and crime, job cuts and hospital waiting times were voted for by 26%, 18% and 14% of respondents respectively.

The survey by Populus was commissioned by O2 to report alongside its new Niggles and Narks campaign, which brings out a series of animated characters illustrating customers' daily broadband frustrations.

Felix Geyr, Head of O2 Home Broadband, said: "As the new Government comes in, we think that now is the time for all internet service providers to try to eliminate as many of these daily frustrations for our customers as we can."

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