Pothole reporting app for cyclists

Pothole reporting app for cyclists

Cyclists will be soon be able to request work on dangerous potholes by using a new Government-funded smartphone app.

The Cyclists' Touring Club (CTC) charity has been handed £30,000 to improve its Fill That Hole website and produce a new app.

As many as nine million iPhone users can already use the website to pass on information about potholes to their local authority, but the new app could reach more than 26 million cyclists.

It is to be launched in February when damage to the roads is at its worst because of the winter weather.

Roads minister Robert Goodwill visited Oldham on Monday to announce the funding.

He said although potholes can be little more than an irritation to some road users, they pose a definite safety threat to cyclists and do cause drivers to suffer accidents and breakdowns .

The app will allow more riders to inform councils about their worst pothole problems, Mr Goodwill said.

He said potholes should be dealt with quickly but a more long-term outlook on road maintenance is a better solution than just patching them up.

The Government provided local authorities in England with more than £3 billion in funding for road repairs between 2011 and 2016.

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