Post Office to issue photo licences

The Post Office and DVLA are due to reveal plans for a new service to issue motorists with photographic driving licences.

It should make it easier when motorists come to update the photograph which appears on the photocard part of their licence.

The photograph needs renewing every 10 years and the technology will let drivers walk into a Post Office have their application scanned, their signature electronically copied and their image taken. The DVLA will then be sent the information and will issue drivers with a new photocard licence.

Alan Cook, the Post Office's Managing Director, said: "We will be the first Post Office in the world to use groundbreaking technology for document and identity verification technology in this way and it puts us in a strong place to use the trusted Post Office brand, our unrivalled network and our experienced staff to bid for other major Government contracts.

Business secretary Lord Mandelson said: "The Post Office's trusted brand, unrivalled network and experienced staff put the company in an excellent position to bid for work. It can turn itself into a real front office for government."

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