Porsche's electric car gets green light

Porsche's electric car gets green light

Porsche claims its much-anticipated electric sports car will be able to sprint from zero to 62mph in just under 3.5 seconds.

The German manufacturer revealed earlier this year that it was considering the possibility of adding an all-electric model to its range - and it has now confirmed the Mission E project will go ahead.

A production car is due to be finished by 2018 at the latest, capable of producing more than 600bhp and travelling more than 300 miles on a single charge.

Critics say Porsche will find it hard to accelerate ahead of electric car maker Tesla. The company already builds the Model S, which with the latest performance updates can hit 62mph in a mere 2.8 seconds.

But Dr Oliver Blume, who chairs the Porsche Executive Board, has promised customers that the company will offer them the sportiest and technologically most sophisticated model in the electric market.

The Mission E concept, which made its world debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show, is charged via an 800-volt system that Porsche claims is twice as powerful as today's systems. It can also be recharged wirelessly by induction via a coil installed in the garage floor.

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