Porsche unveils new Boxster designs

Porsche have released the first details and pictures of the new Boxster sports car, which will be released in the UK later this year.

The German luxury carmaker has confirmed that the new models of the Boxster and the top-end Boxster S will feature longer, wider wheelbases, new body kits and improved fuel efficiency.

Among other new features, the cars will also have their windscreens pushed further forward than their predecessors, and will also have a new and improved electric roof mechanism.

Both models will sport a six-speed manual gearbox as standard.

However, the most significant change is under the bonnet, where the Boxster's old 2.9 litre engine has been replaced with a 2.7 litre model.

The manufacturer has defended its choice to reduce the engine size by claiming that the new installation can put down 10bhp more power than the larger engine, and can produce better fuel economy.

The new Boxster S will carry the same 3.7 litre engine as previous models, which has been tweaked to produce 5bhp more than before.

The engine size of the new Boxsters will determine which car insurance group they fall into.

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