Porsche reveals four-seater prices

Porsche has announced its eagerly awaited four-seater Panamera will go on sale in September with prices starting at £72,266.

The V8 powered car, which takes many of its design features from Porsche's current two-door coupe range, will be available at £72,266 for the base model Panamera S, but prices will rise to £77,269 for the Panamera 4S version and £95,298 for the Turbo.

Models will come with either rear or four-wheel drive chassis and a sports oriented seven-speed twin-clutch PDK transmission will also be available as an option alongside the standard six-speed manual transmission.

Other options include electrically adjustable backrests, cushion length and lumbar support for the rear seats and rear seat ventilation adding to Porsche's claim that the Panamera is the ultimate in comfortable long distance cruising for both driver and passengers.

A new start/stop function is also available automatically switching off and restarting the engine when stationary to reduce fuel consumption and emissions, while a 'Sport' button selects advanced suspension settings and will adjust the shift patterns to offer a more responsive driving experience.

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