Porsche develops hybrid Cayenne

Luxury car maker Porsche has unveiled a new petrol-saving hybrid which runs with the motor off or on batteries more than half the time.

The prototype Cayenne S Hybrid uses a system developed with Volkswagen and Audi engineers, which relies on a combination of petrol, electric power and coasting to boost the number of miles per gallon (mpg) from 14 in the city to 24.

While mpg increases the Hybrid cuts C02 emissions in what Michael Leiters, project manager of the Cayenne product line in Stuttgart, says is a "special driving experience".

Although Porsches are famous for their growling engines the new eco-friendly Cayenne will leave drivers listening to sound of the wheels on the road rather than a high emissions engine.

Klaus-Gerhard Wolpert, director of the Cayenne Product Line for Porsche, says the technology and driving experience of this new Porsche is so advanced that company research anticipates overall hybrid sales in the US to more than double by 2014 to 743,000 vehicles per year.

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