Poor-sighted drivers on roads

Millions of drivers are risking accidents by taking to the roads even though they know they cannot see properly, a study has revealed.

Some 20% (one in five) of UK drivers aged between 35 and 55 have driven knowing that they have poor eyesight, the College of Optometrists study shows.

Researchers said that more than a quarter (28%) of people polled had admitted putting off going for a sight test for up to six months after noticing their eyesight had deteriorated - and 21% put it off for up to five years.

The cost of glasses and contact lenses, hassle and the fear of feeling older were reasons given for avoiding the optician.

The study showed that middle-aged men were the worst culprits when it comes to looking after their eyes, with almost one in three stating they would not go for a sight test if they noticed a deterioration in their eyesight.

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