Poor children 'risk road accidents'

Children living in Preston face double the risk of being in a road accident than those in more affluent areas, a road safety study has found.

And research group Road Safety Analysis discovered that the risk goes up five times when compared with youngsters in the Chelsea and Kensington areas on London.

Children in any poor areas are more likely by some degree to be hurt in road accidents, the study found, but especially those from families "on lower incomes who often live in large council estates".

The results came from a study of the postcodes of children aged up to 15, across 408 local council areas.

Based on five years and covering more than 120,000 road casualties, it showed over their first 16 years of life, one in 27 children will be reported as injured or killed in a collision.

Preston was the most dangerous area for child road accidents, with one child in every 206 being injured in a crash. Close behind was Liverpool, at 234, and Barrow Borough in the North West with 238.

On the contrary, the London borough of Kensington and Chelsea was the safest area, with an accident rate of one child in 1158.

The national average was 427.

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