Polluting cars see permit cost rise

Drivers of gas-guzzling cars in Scotland's capital will see their parking permits soar after a new council scheme was approved.

Under the plans, parking permits will increase to £320, up 100% for owners of the most environmentally unfriendly cars.

Drivers whose cars produce the least pollution will be rewarded under the initiative by having their charges reduced from £80 to £25.

The scheme was put forward by Green councillors on Edinburgh City Council and is the first of its kind in Scotland.

A sliding scale will be used to link the cost of parking permits for residents in the capital to the amount of carbon dioxide their vehicles produce.

That could mean cars with engines bigger than three litres will be paying double while those who own cars with an engine capacity of two-and-a-half litres would face a 25% increase.

The new charges are due to come into effect this November after the scheme was approved by members of the council's transport, infrastructure and environment committee.

Greens said the change would mean 50% of residents would be charged less for their parking permits while 25% would pay the same.

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