Poll support for self-driving cars

Poll support for self-driving cars

Public acceptance of autonomous, or self-driving, cars appears to be a step closer, according to research by Bosch.

The company has invested heavily in the technologies surrounding self-driving cars. Its research shows that almost half of motorists are comfortable with the safety aspects of autonomous cars. Indeed, around a third of people felt that autonomous cars would actually reduce accidents, and so cut down on car insurance claims.

Bosch also claim that a third of people would already consider buying a completely automated car, and men appear to be most at ease with the concept. Only 21% of women thought they would reduce accidents, but 44% of men thought they would.

Many of the technologies that form the basis of an automated car are already supplied by Bosch, such as adaptive cruise control and lane departure warning systems. Another system Bosch has developed, which could be adapted for an autonomous car, is a Predictive Emergency Braking System. This senses when the car enters a potential collision scenario with the car in front, and provides driver warnings and automated braking. These, combined with already commonly-found technologies such asjourney planners and sat-navs, demonstrate that the self-driving car is not too far away.

The conclusion from Bosch's survey is that motorists appear to be "happy" with the underlying technologies, and are accepting of these paving the way for an extension of their functions in fully-automated cars.

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