Poll reveals popular car names

A poll has revealed the attachment owners have towards their cars, with many drivers even christening their vehicles.

A survey by webuyanycar.com showed 53% of drivers call their vehicles by name, with the most common ones being Betty, Betsy and Bess.

Owners may be prepared to pay goodcar insurance for Bertie, Daisy, Bertha and Meg who are among the popular vehicle names, the poll of 3,000 people revealed, while Ford owners call their motors Harrison and Anna.

Uncommon and unpredictable names have also been used, one driver dubbing his vehicle God because "it moves in mysterious ways": another motorist named his car after Nigerian-born football player Efan Ekoku.

While red and blue vehicles have more chance of being named, grey and green cars have a lower probability.

Emotional attachment ties 60% of women and 41% of men to their cars, and 25% admitted crying after parting from their vehicles.

First cars are the most likely to get a name, yet 17% of owners get emotionally attached to every car they own.

Despite most owners naming their vehicles, just 12% pass on the name to new owners, with only 2% continuing to call the car by the same name.

The top 10 car names are: Betty, Betsy, Bess, Bertie, Daisy, Bertha, Meg, Charlie, Herbie, and Bob.

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