Poll names annoying road users

A new survey has revealed that the most annoying road users remain the much maligned White Van Men and lorry drivers.

The poll by the Holiday Autos company also found that motorists were annoyed by drivers not indicating, as well as by those who hog the middle lane on motorways and others who throw litter from vehicles.

Overly aggressive drivers are more annoying than slow and cautious motorists for two thirds of those surveyed. Drivers of 4x4 off-road vehicles were also considered annoying, but bus drivers accounted for irritation among just 8% of road users.

Almost half said the worst drivers were those behind the wheel of BMWs. Meanwhile, 80% said Britons were the best drivers, with Italians seen as the worst motorists, followed by the French.

Stuart Nassos, managing director of Holiday Autos, said: "There is nothing worse when driving than not knowing what the drivers around you are doing. The most common cause of uncertainty is the failure to indicate.

"Whether it's 1 or not, lorry and white van drivers seem to have a reputation for not indicating, and driving aggressively."

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