Poll: Motorists shun green efforts

A poll has found that the majority of motorists are not prepared to leave their car at home to help the environment.

Only 10% of drivers said they were willing to get behind the wheel less often to reduce emissions, according to a survey by price comparison site Tiger.co.uk which askeddrivers what they would give up for Lent.

However, many motorists said they were prepared to treat other drivers with more respect and talk less at the wheel - which could lead to safer if not greener roads.

The survey also found that drivers were determined to cut out distracting and dangerous habits such as eating and drinking behind the wheel and map reading while trying to drive.

Also, there would be fewer road rage incidents if motorists followed their pledge to stop spraying annoying drivers' windscreens with wiper wash.

The poll also found that nearly half of men (41%) thought they were perfect drivers, compared with 35% of women.

Tiger.co.uk managing director Graeme Kalbraier said: "It's understandable that people will get into bad driving habits over the years, but it's really encouraging to see many of these bad habits cast aside for Lent - or hopefully longer."

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