Politicians benefit from new Kia

People driving a new electric Kia will be able to travel nearly 100 miles on a single charge, the firm has announced.

But don't get too excited - for now this new model, which recharges in less than half an hour, is only available to members of the government in Korea.

The new Ray EV has seen its previous conventional engine replaced with an electric motor, and because of this it can be manufactured on existing Kia production lines.

This is likely to reduce the cost of making the new five-door supermini, Kia said.

But it is not just in matters green where it outstrips its older petrol-fuelled brother - it's also faster, passing 60mph in less than 20 seconds. No matter how fast it can go,breakdown cover will still be an essential purchase.

Although the car is capable of recharging in 25 minutes, its standard-supply recharge is six hours.

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