Policewoman fined for speeding

A Police Superintendent has held her hands up to speeding during a sting to catch drivers breaking the speed limit.

Helen Chamberlain, who works for Nottinghamshire Police, was fined and given six penalty points on her licence after her admission at Nottingham Magistrates' Court averted the need for a trial.

A spokesman for the force said a decision would be made as to whether any internal disciplinary action will be taken against the 43 year old.

Chamberlain was caught driving at 79mph on the A6097 Epperstone bypass in Nottinghamshire, where the limit is 50mph, during an operation to target speeding in the area in July 2009.

She is likely to discover that her actions will lead tocar insurance being more costly next time she renews her policy.

On Thursday she was handed six penalty points, the spokesman confirmed.

He said she was also fined £710 and ordered to contribute £800 towards prosecution costs and a £15 court administration charge. She was not disqualified from driving, he said.

Assistant Chief Constable Paul Scarrott said: "The safety of the public including road users is a priority for Nottinghamshire Police.

"Motorists who exceed the speed limit not only put their own lives in danger but the lives of other road users as well."

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