Police warn drivers to secure cars

Police have urged motorists in Bedford to make sure their cars are secure when unattended after a spate of break-ins.

In 19 of the 35 thefts in September so far, victims told the police they had made it easy for the thieves by leaving their car insecure.

Items which have been stolen from cars so far this month include mp3 players, cameras, keys, laptops, tools, bank statements, stereo fascias, cash, wallets, purses and sat navs.

If you have been the victim of a car crime, it is possible that yourcar insurance premium will be higher the next time you come to renew your policy.

Lara Curtayne, Crime Reduction Officer, said: "Take the time to try the door handle just to make sure and, of course, never leave anything tempting on view in the car."

Bedfordshire Police advise people to engage the steering lock and activate the alarm, as well as close the windows and sunroof and lock the doors and boot. All personal property should be removed from the car, even if you will only be away from the car for a short time. If you are using a remote locking system, always double check the car is secure by trying the door handle before walking away, police have said.

Police have also advised drivers to park in a well used location that is well lit during hours of darkness. The glove compartment of your vehicle should be free from bank cards, sat navs and mobile phones. Drivers should not assume that simply because valuables have been placed in the boot they are safe, thieves could have seen them put in there.

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