Police stop funeral-bound hearse

A hearse driver on his way to a funeral in Cambridgeshire was fined by police because he was not wearing a seatbelt, it has been reported.

The driver, from M J Silcox and Son Funeral Directors, was pulled over while transporting a coffin and handed the £60 penalty.

The hearse was thought to be carrying the body of Jane Davis, a former Cambridgeshire resident, who died on April 18. The car was travelling from South Wales to the funeral service in Bottisham.

Pc Steve Gedny, who stopped the car near Great Wilbraham, said neither the driver nor a passenger were buckled up.

He said: "Drivers and passengers of hearses are just as likely to be involved in a collision as anyone else."

Pc Gedny said he checked there were no family cars following the hearse before signalling for it to pull over.

The passenger was not given a penalty as he had put a seatbelt on by the time the hearse was pulled over.

Nobody from the Llanelli-based funeral directors was available for comment.

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