Police slammed for importing cars

Two prominent Lords have levied criticism at some British police forces for moving away from vehicles manufactured in the UK.

Labour peer Lord Hoyle said the decision to buy Hyundai vehicles rather than Vauxhall ones was a "kick in the teeth" for those working at the UK firm.

He was supported by former trade minister Lord Jones of Birmingham - a former director general of the CBI - during Question Time in the Lords.

Lord Hoyle said: "As all the police authorities in the North West and many throughout the country are changing over from buying Vauxhall vehicles to buying Hyundai, this is a kick in the teeth for the Vauxhall workers who are trying to keep the efficient car plant in Ellesmere Port open."

Lord Jones questioned the wider trend for importing transport from other countries.

He added: "It is becoming increasingly difficult for the businesses of this nation to believe that the Government does want business to employ more people and pay more tax when it buys its ships from South Korea, its police vehicles from Korea, its trains from Germany and its cars from Japan."

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