Police sign tracking device deal

Police have agreed a five-year extension of a deal to use a stolen vehicle recovery operator's tracking device, which will ultimately help to reduce car insurance premiums.

Detection units from Tracker will be used on police patrol car vehicles and helicopters to help trace the whereabouts of stolen vehicles. The deal means that Tracker will be the only vehicle recovery operator to have its system used by all 52 police forces in the UK.

Police can follow a vehicle's tracking device, which uses Very High Frequency (VHF) and GPS technology, and pin-point its exact location, even if it is being hidden in a lock-up or a container.

The Association of Chief Police Officers lead on vehicle crime, Deputy Chief Constable David Ainsworth, said: "This agreement extends the important long-standing partnership with Tracker for a further five years.

Our work with Tracker has delivered real results for my colleagues across the country, helping them recover stolen vehicles and importantly, arrest criminals. This partnership is part of our ongoing commitment to clamping down on car thieves and raising public confidence in our ability to recover their possessions and bring the offenders to justice."

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