Police issue lorry crash dashcam film

Police issue lorry crash dashcam film

Police have issued dashcam footage of a lorry ploughing into the back of four other vehicles, saying they hope it will serve as a warning to other motorists to pay attention while driving.

The move comes after 54-year-old lorry driver Martin Gibson, of Bathurst Road, Gloucester, was jailed for 15 months at Warwick Crown Court. He had pleaded guilty to five counts of dangerous driving at an earlier hearing.

Police say footage captured by the dashcam in Mr Gibson's lorry showed it hitting the back of a van and three cars that had slowed down in traffic.

A motorbike was also involved in the accident on the A46 near Stratford-upon-Avon in May 2015, which police said left a number of people seriously injured.

Speaking about the decision to release the film footage, PC Craig Marshall, of the operational patrol unit at Warwickshire Police, said the aim was to raise motorists' awareness of the importance of remaining focused while behind the wheel.

He said the film highlights what can happen within the space of just a few seconds when drivers aren't paying attention to the road.

The accident could have been avoided, PC Marshall added, had Mr Gibson paid attention and "anticipated possible traffic conditions ahead involving the actions of other drivers".

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