Police halt vilification of warden

Facebook has removed a page containing "inappropriate messages" about a former traffic warden after intervention from the police, it has been revealed.

The page was started on the popular social networking site after locals in the Suffolk town of Sudbury got together to complain about the number of parking penalty tickets issued by a single officer.

Residents complained that the unpopular warden, now a police community support officer, is too officious and is driving people away from the area.

A spokesman for Suffolk police said: "A request was made to a social networking site to remove some inappropriate messages about one of Suffolk Constabulary's employees."

Last month, retired company director Dick Roper, 63, of Long Melford, Suffolk, appeared in court after writing a cheque on toilet paper in protest at a parking fine issued in Sudbury.

He was eventually allowed to go free after he was sentenced to spend a couple of hours in the courtroom by a sympathetic judge.

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