Police call for help from cabbies

Police call for help from cabbies

The police are urging London's taxi drivers to become extra sets of eyes for them.

London Taxi Watch wants cabbies to add the role of informant to their existing duties of driver andjourney planner , reporting any crimes they should spot while driving through the capital's streets.

The new initiative aims to persuade them to forward information to Crimestoppers anonymously. It is hoped that the nature of their role will enable taxi drivers to tell the authorities about suspicious behaviour.

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe hailed London's cabbies as "the best in the world".

He said: "With police officers they are there all hours, all weathers and all places. They can be our eyes and ears and help victims of crime."

Crimestoppers' London campaigns manager, Regan Hook, said the cabbies can become "heroes" by reporting crime and making London safer.

Hook said: "Cab drivers may be aware of crime perpetrators including those involved in vehicle-related crime or may have information and intelligence about other serious crimes."

London Taxi Watch will be launched outside the capital's City Hall at 10am on Thursday.

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