Police add smart cars to fleet

A fleet of emission-free, electric smart cars is being trialled by the Metropolitan Police in a bid to cut carbon emissions and help the environment.

The four smart eds will be used as non-response vehicles in the force's Central London and Heathrow transport fleets during the four-year trial.

The cars are powered by electricity alone and are charged using a standard three-pin plug. They have the potential to achieve the equivalent of 300 miles per gallon - or about £1 for every 50 miles.

"The public might be surprised to see smart 'police' cars on the streets, but we are very excited at the prospect of taking part in this trial," said Stuart Middleton, the Metropolitan Police Service's director of transport services.

"Policing a unique city such as London brings its own particular challenges and we are always interested in trying out new innovations and ideas. We'll be trialling four electric versions of the two-seater smart, and will be keeping a watching brief on their performance to help inform the development of future low emission vehicles."

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