PM backs strict drug-driving laws

Prime Minister David Cameron has supported calls for stronger sentencing laws for motorists caught driving under the influence of drugs.

Mr Cameron said "not enough has been done" to tighten the laws despite the issue of drug-driving being raised repeatedly.

Prompted by Croydon Central MP Garvin Barwell's question in Parliament regarding Lillian Groves' case, the PM said that the Government will consider tougher sentences to tackle the problem.

Lillian Groves, a 14-year-old from New Addington, was killed by a driver under the influence of drugs.

Although the driver was sentenced to eight months in prison, he was released after just four months.

Mr Barwell asked the PM: "Will you agree to meet with Lillian's family to hear the case for Lillian's Law, a package of measures to ensure we take the menace of drug-driving as seriously as we do for drink-driving?"

In response the Prime Minister said: "One of the things we are doing is making sure the police are able to test for drug-driving and making drug-testing equipment available. As we test that and make sure it works properly, we can look at strengthening things still further and I am very happy to do as you say."

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