Plea over yellow school bus plan

Former home secretary David Blunkett is leading a call for Britain to introduce US-style yellow school buses to help cut the UK's carbon emissions and create 13,000 new jobs.

Mr Blunkett claims there is a compelling case for the ambitious scheme and has put forward a major study for the Commons Transport Select Committee to consider.

The Yellow School Bus Commission, which is chaired by Mr Blunkett, says the scheme would generate 10,000 driving jobs and 3,000 engineering jobs across the nation as well as delivering significant environmental benefits.

The Commission was established by bus company FirstGroup and secured the support of Aberdeen University who conducted the research for the government report.

Mr Blunkett said: "We argued in our report that the Government should introduce dedicated home-to-school transport, primarily because these buses provide the safest and most secure method of carrying our children to and from school.

"A phased introduction of school buses would also take up to 180 million unnecessary car journeys off our roads and deliver a reduction of 55,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions a year."

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