Playstation car 'brought to life'

Playstation car 'brought to life'

A car designed for a console racing game has been turned into a real life vehicle by Mercedes-Benz.

The manufacturer has created the full-size AMG Vision Gran Turismo concept car to preview the one that will appear in the Playstation 3 game Gran Turismo 6.

The vehicle has been inspired by the Mercedes racing cars of the 1950s and features a distinctive front grille that can display different LED light patterns. With its red seats and bare black floor, the vehicle's interior is influenced by Mercedes' latest Formula One racing cars.

The concept car is powered by a powerful twin-turbo V8 engine, Mercedes engineers having worked closely with the designers of the Playstation game to ensure gamers get an authentic engine sound.

But despite the realistic touches people playing Gran Turismo 6 will not have to take out vehicle breakdown cover to drive the racing car on their Playstation.

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