Plate success for car reg auction

Plate success for car reg auction

The Treasury has raised nearly £20 million through the sale of personal registration plates this year.

The final three-day sale in the DVLA Personalised Registrations' 2013 live auction series at Warrington's Park Hall hotel raked in over £3.5 million.

A 96% sales conversion of the 1,500 plates during the auction confirmed that popularity has hit an historic high.

A retired Kent businessman was the sale's largest spender, shelling out £39,850 on 'CO11 EEN' for his partner of 10 years.

Then came the £29,500 paid for a '21 O' plate, while '8888 BB 'was the third-highest grossing registration, fetching £22,812.

Jody Davies, DVLA Personalised Registrations' Events Manager, said: "As our figures show, with every auction they seem to be as popular as ever."

Ms Davies said plans are well underway to ensure 2014 - which will be the Agency's 25th anniversary of selling personalised registrations - is yet another major success.

Motorists can browse the latest available plates by visiting theDVLA site.

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