Plans to stop vehicles 'remotely'

Plans to stop vehicles 'remotely'

Breakdown cover is great to get you moving again when your vehicle unexpectedly grinds to a halt.

But plans are now afoot to fit cars with a device that has the ability to stop a car in its tracks, from a remote location.

The idea is that the stopping devices would be activated by police to bring dangerous high-speed car chases to an end and improve road safety. The technology would enable a central control room to cut the ignition and fuel supply of any vehicle.

The proposed EU legislation puts forward a six-year timetable for the remote devices to be introduced.

However, it has brought outcry from human rights activists who have raised concerns that the devices would curtail civil liberties.

Research by found that a quarter (24%) of drivers said they would be dissuaded to buy to a car if they knew it was fitted with such a device.

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