Plans to reduce M4 traffic jams

Congestion and tailbacks on the M4 could be reduced by building new tunnels and widening the road if consultation plans go ahead.

A series of ideas are being discussed by the Welsh Government to find a way to reduce heavy traffic between junction 23, the exit for Magor, and junction 29a for Castleton.

Long queues are a frequent problem on the 13-mile stretch of road which often "exceeds capacity", with a report warning that the issue will only worsen in the future.

Variable speed limit zones were introduced but the congestion has persisted.

Suggested ideas for improving road conditions include expanding the Brynglas tunnels, creating another dual carriageway and promoting the use of public transport.

Previous plans for a toll relief road were abandoned in 2009 for the busy stretch of road, which has caused problems for businesses and motorists alike.

In 2010 the carriageway was widened from junctions 32 and 29 which feed into Cardiff, at an estimated cost of £50 million pounds. The project was deemed a success as traffic jams and accidents were both reduced.

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