Plans to make public charging easy

The Government has announced that it is launching a database in the UK where drivers can easily find charging points for battery powered cars.

Announced by transport minister Norman Baker and business minister Mark Prisk, the National Chargepoint Registry will be developed by a UK-based chargepoint manufacturer POD Point, with the data supplied for use in satellite navigation and mobile applications.

The new registry will serve as a publicly accessible database of chargepoints available across the UK.

In a bid to make it easier for motorists to go electric, a Central Whitelist will also be created as part of the Government-backed plans.

The move will allow EV owners to use charging points all over the country instead of signing up to different local schemes individually.

Norman Baker said: "We know there is public appetite out there for plug-in vehicles and as government we're doing everything possible to make them a real option for both motorists and industry."

He added: "This registry will get us away from the mind-set of; will I, won't I get there? And I'm sure that public and private chargepoint owners alike will get behind the initiative because the more information we have up there the more motorists will be encouraged to make the switch to electric."

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