Plans to increase fines on roads

Plans to increase fines on roads

The Government has laid out plans to increase fines for breaking the rules of the road from £60 to £90.

The proposals, which have been sent out for consultation, were announced by Transport Minister Mike Penning, who said the system needed to be overhauled.

Under the new proposals, which will be of interest to car insurance providers, a new fixed penalty offence of careless driving would be introduced, while fines would be increased for a number of motoring offences.

The fines would go alongside penalty points being added to a driving licence. Parking fines issued through fixed penalty notices would not be affected by the increase, it was revealed.

Mr Penning said the plans to overhaul the system would allow the police to enforce driving offences more efficiently.

In a written statement to Parliament, Mr Penning said: "It will also provide greater flexibility in dealing with those low level careless driving behaviours that fall below the threshold for a court summons, enabling the greater use of educational training.

"We have broadened the scope of the measure and are consulting on other options including, increasing the levels for non-endorsable offences, motor insurance offences, and graduated fixed penalties - all by a similar proportion."

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