Plan to stop illegal parent parking

Plan to stop illegal parent parking

A pilot scheme will allow local councils to fine parents who park illegally during the school run.

A report in The Sunday Times revealed that at least seven local authorities are currently testing a £16,000 CCTV-style Videalert system, which registers the number plates of cars that stop on yellow or zigzag lines for more than a few seconds.

The video can then be used to fine offenders up to a maximum of £130 in London and £70 elsewhere.

Despite the price tag Tim Daniels, director of Videalert, said that the cost of using the technology would be in fact three times cheaper than using camera cars to police parking outside schools.

"Our system can be fixed to existing street furniture and programmed to look for specific school-gate offences such as parking on a zigzag line for more than three seconds," he told The Sunday Times.

Enfield council in London and another unnamed two outside the capital have signed up to take part in the trial.

Mr Daniels said that he developed the technology after being approach by a local council that was worried about the safety of school children.

"They [the council] said head teachers had been complaining about parking outside schools and worrying about the safety of children.

"Since the first trials started over the summer we have been inundated with requests from other councils across the country asking about the system," he said.

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