Pink 'not the key to female riders'

The motorcycle industry should get over the association between the colour pink and women in order to woo new female riders, an expert has suggested.

Most successful female-friendly dealers are the ones who focus on safety and practicality rather than pink helmets and jackets, says Alan Elsworth, editor of CAP Green Book, the industry standard trade guide to used motorcycle values.

With new bike sales registering a decline of 7%, he emphasised the importance of dealers attracting new customers, especially women, whom he considers the "untapped market".

Mr Elsworth said the motor industry needs to break the stereotype and stop treating women differently in order to improve its female biking market beyond its current 10%-15%.

He said: "The advice is, don't tar women with a pink brush and instead realise that if women are better understood a still largely untapped market is probably there for the taking."

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