Phones may dictate motorists' car choice

Phones may dictate motorists' car choice

Motorists could soon find their choice of smartphone dictates which car they buy, an industry group says.

In-car technology is increasingly integrating with mobile phones, meaning manufacturers are having to choose to pair up with either Apple, Android or other operating platforms.

And according to Rupert Pontin from Glass's Guide, people are more likely to show allegiance to their mobile phone operating system than their car manufacturer.

This means car makers are having to think very carefully about which operating system to work with in future cars. If they pick the wrong one, and buyers opt for vehicles which are compatible with their phones, sales could take a damaging hit.

Many current car models already feature technology which is compatible with smartphones and tablets, allowing drivers access to the internet, music, sat-nav and apps.

Mr Pontin said smartphones and tablets are already "integral" parts of the lives of younger car buyers. This has made manufacturers sit up and take note, working on a new wave of connectivity systems which will improve dashboard displays and functionality.

Most manufacturers have a partner in either Apple's CarPlay or Google's Android Auto, but Mr Pontin explained that it is unlikely that the two systems will be cross compatible - meaning users' phones may dictate which car they opt for.

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