Phone warning against drink-driving

A new campaign has been launched that will see road safety warnings delivered via mobile phone to revellers in popular bars and clubs, reminding them not to get behind the wheel after drinking.

The campaign covers the Belfast, Bangor and Londonderry areas of Northern Ireland and will see everyone with a Bluetooth-enabled phone in selected night spots receive the 'Never, Ever Drink and Drive' message.

It is being backed up by road safety advertising messages on posters in pub and club washrooms and on glowboxes inside the venues.

The province's environment minister, Sammy Wilson, said: "My department is always looking for innovative ways of getting the road safety message across to all sections of society and this initiative will enable us to target a high-risk group at a point of danger."

"By delivering messages directly to people's mobile phones in particular bars and clubs, we are hoping to prick the consciences of those who are contemplating drink driving or travelling with drink drivers and persuade them to choose a safer way home."

He added that the message was clear: "It is your choice, your responsibility and your fault if you decide to drink and drive."

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