Phone use continues to frustrate

Phone use continues to frustrate

A list of the most-disliked driving habits in the UK could quickly turn into an increasingly ranty version of the opening crawl in Star Wars.

However, one bad habit causes more anger than most - using a mobile phone while behind the wheel.

The finding comes from a study which shows that just under half of all British drivers class this as the trait they most despise in fellow road users.

It is of course against the law to use a mobile to call or text while driving, but enough people do it to merit 47% of poll respondents placing it top of the irritant list.

Driving too close was next in the top 10, compiled by Kwik Fit, with not indicating properly in third.

Dangerous overtaking manoeuvres was in fourth place, with middle lane hoggers tucked in behind in fifth.

Braking too late and undertaking also feature, as does over-cautious, hesitant driving and 'red light gambling'.

Kwik Fit chief Roger Griggs reminds drivers that these habits are not simply annoying, they are dangerous. Furthermore, drivers can be hit with spot fines for offences such as tailgating, cutting up other cars or middle lane hogging.

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