Peugeot launches updated RCZ coupe

Peugeot launches updated RCZ coupe

Peugeot's updated RCZ sports coupe, available from January 2013, will feature a new front end and and improved range of options.

The face of the car has undergone some changes to bring it into line with other cars in the Peugeot stable.

There will still be two trim levels, with automatic lighting added to the entry-level Sport model. This will include "approach" and "follow-me-home" options which light the way both before and after you get in the car.

Half-leather or leather/Alcantara seats will also be upgrade options on the Sport trim, unlike on the pre-facelift model.

Late next year, Peugeot will launch a performance flagship model - a 260bhp RCZ R - which will have more aggressive styling and target drivers who love strong looks and top performance.

The RCZ Sport will be available from £21,595, with the GT starting from £23,995. Deliveries are set to start from the second week of January.

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