Peugeot introduces 'driving on air'

Peugeot introduces 'driving on air'

Would you like to drive a car that has the ability to run on air?

Well, this could soon become a reality after Peugeot announced it is ready to demonstrate hybrid technology that allows a vehicle to run on a combination of petrol and air.

The car-maker says a 208 supermini produces fuel economy figures of more than 140mpg using its Hybrid Air technology. It works by storing energy in a compressed air tank underneath the boot and switching between petrol and air to ensure maximum efficiency is achieved.

The engine is able to run on nothing but air under some circumstances, such as when it is travelling in particularly urban environments. Zero CO2 emissions are produced when this happens and no fuel is consumed.

A driving mode is also available that makes the vehicle use the maximum amount of air possible. It can take just 10 seconds to recharge the compressed air tank. This can be done either by decelerating or from direct pumping from the engine.

Peugeot will be demonstrating its technology at the Paris Motor Show, which runs from October 4-19.

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