Peugeot drivers' sticky situation

Peugeot drivers have been warned they may yet fall foul of Toyota's decision to recall 1.8 million cars due to an accelerator problem after the French car giant revealed that some of its models are made in the same Czech assembly plant.

A spokesman for Peugeot said their 107 model and the Citroen C1 are made in the same factory in the Czech Republic, which has been at the centre of the controversy. Toyota has been forced to recall 1.8 million cars in Europe after fears were raised that a small proportion of Toyota's fleet may have faulty accelerator pedals that could stick without warning.

Now, the French carmaker has been dragged into the fray, confirming that they were in discussions with Toyota to find out how many of their cars may be affected by the problem.

Toyota said that the problem is rare, and that it is already using different parts on production lines in Europe.

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