Petrol prices under £1 a litre at Asda and Morrisons

Petrol prices under £1 a litre at Asda and Morrisons

Supermarkets Asda and Morrisons have given motorists some early festive cheer, slashing petrol prices to under £1 a litre.

Drivers can now fill up for 99.7p at Asda, down from 101.7p, and 99.9p at Morrisons.

Asda's price drop will last for three days from today - Friday to Sunday - while Morrisons hopes to keep its everyday price for as long as possible.

RAC Fuel Watch spokesman Simon Williams said "Christmas has clearly come early for motorists with the sight of petrol being sold for under £1 a litre becoming commonplace at supermarket forecourts for the first time since 2009.

"While we predicted this would happen in the next week or so we are pleased for motorists it's happened sooner than we said.

"Cheaper fuel at the most expensive time of year is great news for everyone, especially as many will be travelling long distances to spend festive holidays with family and friends."

The last time that the average national petrol price was below £1 was in May 2009.

Asda will also cut the price of diesel at its forecourts to 103.7p per litre, while Morrisons will cut its by 1p.

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