Petrol prices fall another 3p

Petrol prices have been slashed to 94.9p per litre as supermarket giants Sainsbury`s and Asda make their latest move in the ongoing fuel price war.

Asda has announced they will charge 94.9p per litre of petrol and 107.9p for diesel and will freeze the new prices for 10 days, regardless of changes in the price of crude oil.

The last time petrol was 94.9p at Asda was October 2007.

Sainsbury`s has also announced they would be cutting its petrol prices by 3p per litre. Although the supermarket sets prices locally, it said the majority of customers will see unleaded priced at 94.9p and diesel at 106.9p, while no one will be asked to pay more than 96.9p and 107.9p respectively.

Asda`s trading director, Darren Blackhurst, said: "We are giving drivers some certainty in these uncertain times.

"It's simply not acceptable for anyone to be paying more than £1 for a litre of petrol. If they are, they're being ripped off whilst petrol retailers pocket the profit."

Sainsbury's also announced a promotion by which customers can receive an extra 5p off a litre of fuel when they spend £50 in store, leading to a potential total price drop of 8p to 89.9p.

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