Petrol costs - the only way is up

Motorists are now paying 134p per litre for fuel and face an extra 3p a litre on petrol in January.

The figure represents a big difference from prices back in 2000 when a litre of petrol was 80p - at a time when pump prices prompted massive protests involving fuel dump blockades with long queues at petrol forecourts resulting.

But worse was to come. Whereas in January 2001 the average price of petrol per litre was 78.1p, in 2011, the average price of petrol topped 136p per litre, with diesel reaching 141p.

Prices fell back by January 2002 to 71.0p but rose again to 89.4p by January 2006, 104.3p by January 2008, falling a year later to 86.6p and reaching 128.3p by this January.

And drivers only pay around 54p out of the 134p per litre for the "petrol side" of the cost, with around 58p being fuel tax and 22p VAT.

The poorest 20% of households paid 3.5% of disposable income on fuel duty in 2009-10, the top 20% paying just 1.8%. The average household spent 2.3% of disposable income on fuel duties in that period.

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