Petrol cars still popular choice

Petrol cars are still more popular than diesel models, despite diesel engines boasting a higher fuel economy, a recent study of British motorists has shown.

The survey by revealed that 35% of motorists would consider buying petrol vehicles, compared with 25% for diesel.

Drivers deciding on either petrol or diesel cars must ensure they have a cost-effectivecar insurance policy before they hit the road.

High diesel prices may be holding buyers back from running a diesel car despite the strong fuel efficiency of these models.

However, such efficiency capabilities are helping to boost interest in hybrid models, as 10% said they would buy a hybrid.

Last year, alternative fuel vehicles including hybrids, claimed a mere 1.1 % of the UK's new car market.

Just 2% of those questioned said they would opt for an electric car.

The study also found that male motorists prefer driving diesel cars, with 29% of men compared to 22% of women saying they would pick a diesel car. A further 4% said they were not very particular about fuel type.

Almost one in four drivers revealed they had no plans to change their car currently, a sign of the ongoing fragility of the UK economy.

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