Permanent BST 'reduces road risks'

In order to improve road safety, the Government should put the clocks forward by an hour the whole year round.

That is according to safety charity Brake, which said that 26,300 people have now written to their MP as part of its Lighter Later campaign.

The scheme is designed to raise awareness of the benefits which would be offered by a switch to permanent British Summer Time (BST).

Brake says that by leaving the clocks forward an hour all year round, lighter evenings would be created, lowering accident risks for drivers and pedestrians.

In a bid to keep pressure on ministers, the organisation has urged more people to show their support for its campaign.

Its deputy chief executive, Julie Townsend, said: "The effect would be safer roads in the afternoons and evenings, when many are walking and cycling home from school or work and need to be seen by drivers to prevent devastating road casualties."

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