Perfume smells like zero emissions

Perfume smells like zero emissions

A master perfumer has created a 'scent of the future' that illustrates what the world could smell like without any CO2 emissions.

Nissan asked Aroma Academy scientist Dr George Dodd to come up with a perfume that smells of a zero-emission future and is apparently scientifically proven to give those smelling it a positive sense of well-being.

Dr Dodd's 'future scent' contains essences of myrtle oil, cut green grass and natural orange and was inspired by walks among the Scottish Highlands. It is meant to evoke nostalgic feelings in the sniffer by bringing up visions of fresh and organic landscapes.

Nissan plans to spray the perfume onto LEAF-shaped air fresheners and hand them out to Nissan LEAF customers for Christmas, to thank them for driving a zero-emissions car.

Dr Dodd has studied the science of scents and is now a world-renowned expert on the subject.

He said: "We are very proud to have been asked to create such an abstract and innovative scent with Nissan. When Nissan came to me and asked me to create a scent of the future it was quite a scary thought, but it was a challenge I thoroughly enjoyed."

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