People undeterred by drink-drivers

People undeterred by drink-drivers

More than 65% of adults have got into a vehicle while suspecting the driver was over the legal drink drive-limit, a car insurance company has revealed.

More than a third of adults decided to stay in the vehicle despite their suspicions, according to research for Direct Line. Only 12% of those surveyed decided to take the keys from the driver, while 10% had not been drinking and drove themselves.

Half of the 65% who decided to get into the car acted as a "look-out" for the driver to warn them about police or speed cameras. The survey showed that these people were likely to be aged between 18 and 34. Meanwhile, the other half of the 65% who got into the car but did nothing were thought to be over 55.

Direct Line car insurance head Maggie Game expressed her shock over people who are willing to get into a car with a drink-driver and said there was no excuse.

She added: "By condoning this behaviour they are risking not only their own lives but those of other road users. If you know someone who plans to drink and drive, stop them, persuade them not to drive, even take their keys off them, but before volunteering to drive their car make sure you are insured, because if you're not you will find yourself breaking the law."

Katie Shephard, a spokesperson for road safety charity Brake, added: "Direct Line's survey results show some drivers have an alarmingly irresponsible attitude to drink-driving. More than 50 people are killed or seriously injured by drink-drivers every week."

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