People 'struggle with hire cars'

One-third of people who hire a car said they face trouble using its basic controls, with men more likely to be confused than women, a study has found.

According to the survey by Kwik-Fit, people in the18-34 age group struggle the most - with 48% being baffled about the basic controls of a hire vehicle. This compares with only 33% of those over 65 facing problems.

Opening the petrol cap is the biggest difficulty, with nearly half (47%) struggling with it, the study of 2,000 adults added.

Other problems faced by people who hire a car include finding the lights control, opening the boot, operating the windows or mirrors and working the in-car entertainment. Also, 18% had difficulty starting the car, 6% could not find the handbrake and 4% failed to unlock the doors.

Kwik-Fit chief executive Ian Fraser said: "The controls in a car can differ hugely from one manufacturer to another - and sometimes even between models of the same manufacturer."

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