Pensioner secretly marking potholes

A pensioner has launched a guerilla war on potholes, taking to the streets at night to mark damage on the roads in his North Somerset village with a can of yellow spray paint.

The man, who asked for anonymity, has marked the B3130 which runs through his village of Wraxall after complaining to the council for the potholes to be repaired. He also measures and ranks the holes, with some 46mm deep.

North Somerset Council spokesman Richard Turner called for the marking to end as contractors, who he says will begin work soon to re-surface the holes, could be confused by them.

He added: "We have someone who inspects the village road for problems and potholes once a month and we have certain criteria for potholes to be considered dangerous."

The incident is not the first time Somerset County Council has been lobbied by have-a-go road sleuths, villagers in North Curry delivered a 12-page dossier of photographs and reports detailing a similar problem last May.

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