Pensioner reunited with first love

A pensioner has been reunited with an old flame he fell in love with 50 years ago - a 1934 Morris Minor called Emmeline.

John Nagle, 67, of Lower Earley in Reading, Berkshire, held fond memories of his first car, which he bought in 1958 and later sold in 1963.

He recently started pining for the green two-seater convertible and managed to trace her back to her latest owner in Basildon, Essex. Mr Nagle paid £4,500 for the car he bought for just £30 originally.

"I'm delighted," he told the Reading Evening Post. "I feel like a little schoolboy again, like when I was 17 when I first had the car."

According to his wife Josephine, 65, Mr Nagle's yearnings for Emmeline began after he bought her a 1932 Morris Minor for her birthday and joined the owners' club.

"It set him thinking, 'I wonder if she survived'," she said. "He's delighted to have her back."

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